Jesse James Back to Work

After his sex scandal became public last week Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband returned to work this past weekend. It was reported that he was quiet and upset but seemed relieved to be back to work.

James wife moved out of their home last week after his affair with tattoo model Michelle McGee was made public by In Touch magazine.

MTV Lawsuit Over Jersey Shore

MTV is being sued over a argument between two cast members and two people walking on the boardwalk. Ronnie Magro and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola got into a verbal and then violent argument with a couple that is now claiming MTV edited the footage to “cover up” what really happened. They are saying that Ronnie and Sammi were provoking them yelling homophobic slurs and other nasty things before the argument became violent.

The couple is also saying the release they signed for MTV after the incident should not be valid because they were clearly intoxicated