October 23, 2014

Kardashians Get Mocked by News Achors

Two news anchors from Philadelphia’s Fox 29 morning show “Good Day” were caught on camera mocking Khloe and Kim Kardashian after the interview was over. Usually news anchors are suppose to be courteous and professional, not these two.

I don’t know what makes this funnier, the fact that it was all on video, or the fact that the anchors knew the cameras were still rolling and couldn’t care less about it. After completing the interview with the Kardashians, Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones began making fun of the two sisters. “Can they still hear us?” asks Jerrick. He then proceeds to mock the reality stars for their high-pitched voices and affinity for shoulder pads. He didn’t even mention the fact that apparently the sisters are accomplished writers as well.

Jones half-heartedly attempts to defend the sisters, saying, “I think they’re stunning.” But even she can’t keep a straight face as her cohort continues speaking in a nasally Kardashian-like voice, a bit like a Smurf who had inhaled helium.

Again, I can’t decide if this is funnier because they or doing it, or because they simply don’t care about being filmed doing it. Remember, we shouldn’t make fun of other people, but if the Kardashians are involved, then I say go ahead and make an exception.

Enjoy the video below!


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