JT and Cameron’s Sex Life and Jessica’s new Movie

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz want to put off marriage for better sex, as he joked on the Ellen D show, read about it.

Thinking of seeing “Employee of the Month?”

Well here’s a little review of the movie talking all about Jessica’s really really big, lips?

Well I guess theres talk she puffed them up and they look a bit goofy in the movie. I’m not sure about that so read it for yourself here.

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Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook Caught Kissing

Bosh just reported that Jessica Simpson and thought to be fling/movie co-star Dane Cook are getting hot and heavy in Hollywood Nightclubs. Dane Cook stars in the upcoming moive Employee of the Month with Jessica Simpson.

They were spotted at an LA club hugging and making out, and looking very affectionate towards each other.

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