October 1, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe Goes Darker with New Movie The Woman in Black

Looks like there is life after Harry Potter for our favorite Hogwart’s Wizard. Daniel Radcliffe will go with a bit darker genre for his first post Harry Potter gig, The Woman in Black.

The Woman in Black – which comes out Feb 3rd 2012, Radcliffe plays a father and grieving widower who gets tangled up with a mysterious and vengeful female specter.

Radcliffe states that “Harry had his harrowing moments over the last decade, but this is far more harrowing than any of the Potter films.” Noting that it wasn’t too hard to play a father because he got his real-life godson Misha Handley, to play his onscreen son.

Look for the new movie the Woman in Black to be a statement of whether or not Radcliffe can carry a movie without the name Harry potter attached to it or not. We will be waiting Harry.