AMC’s Mad Men Resumes Filming for Season 5

Well, looks like everyone’s favorite advertising company and all of its intrigue is back! After a prolonged summer vacation and hiatus that included a pretty serious contract dispute, AMC’s Mad Men has resumed filming and is slated to air season five early next year.

Series star Jon Hamm will be behind the camera and act as director for the season 5 premiere episode. Hamm recently stated that “directing is fun.” Noting that sometimes it was hard to stay focused, as conversations of Albert Pujol’s pending free agency kept getting in the way of scene discussions.

Whatever is talked about behind the scenes, you can be sure that season 5 of Mad Men will be just as good as previous seasons. Audiences have had to wait quite a while for the return of the Emmy darling (with several months waiting still ahead), however when season 5 does premiere, you can expect big developments.