Kardashians Get Mocked by News Achors

Two news anchors from Philadelphia’s Fox 29 morning show “Good Day” were caught on camera mocking Khloe and Kim Kardashian after the interview was over. Usually news anchors are suppose to be courteous and professional, not these two.

I don’t know what makes this funnier, the fact that it was all on video, or the fact that the anchors knew the cameras were still rolling and couldn’t care less about it. After completing the interview with the Kardashians, Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones began making fun of the two sisters. “Can they still hear us?” asks Jerrick. He then proceeds to mock the reality stars for their high-pitched voices and affinity for shoulder pads. He didn’t even mention the fact that apparently the sisters are accomplished writers as well.

Jones half-heartedly attempts to defend the sisters, saying, “I think they’re stunning.” But even she can’t keep a straight face as her cohort continues speaking in a nasally Kardashian-like voice, a bit like a Smurf who had inhaled helium.

Again, I can’t decide if this is funnier because they or doing it, or because they simply don’t care about being filmed doing it. Remember, we shouldn’t make fun of other people, but if the Kardashians are involved, then I say go ahead and make an exception.

Enjoy the video below!


Kim Kardashian’s Music Video for “Jam” Leaks Online

So there is some good news and bad news for Kim Kardashian’s new music video. The good news is that some of it has already been posted online thanks to Perez Hilton’s website. It also gives us another chance to watch the famous for being a Kardashian star flaunt her biggest and best assets, while at the same time crawling on the floor and being soaked in what could be either water or oil.

Though only the first 54 seconds of the video has been leaked, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out what the rest of it will be like. I am guessing more rolling on the floor and more body parts.

Kardashian debuted the single all the way back in March on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Watching the video there is one glaring point you are able to take home. The song is bad, the lyrics are terrible, and Kim’s voice is about what you would expect. The funny thing is Nicole Black took a ton of flack for putting out a song (Friday) that was awful and still got over 100 million views on YouTube.

The main difference here is that Nicole Black was never serious and she knew what her song was. Kim Kardashian seems to be pretty serious and seems to think she has a well-made video on her hands. Check it out below and judge for yourself.

Video Courtesy of Perez TV

The Kardashians are Book Writers Now?

The Kardashians are a lot of things, and depending on whom you talk to that answer could vary. One thing they are not however is book writers. Wait, hold the phone, apparently they are indeed book writers.

Apparently Kim Kardashian and her sisters have taken time out of their busy schedule of doing nothing for money to write a book. Well, at least their names are on it, the fact that they didn’t write a single line in the book should have no bearing on sales, as people watch them do nothing on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” all the time.

The Kardashian sisters will release a book on November 1st titled Dollhouse. ” It focuses on family living in the spotlight of fame and it’s “based on our lives,” Kim blogged this week. “But we’ve added a lot of crazy fictional twists and turns. You’ll have to decide for yourself which story lines are true to life, and which ones we dreamed up.”

If I were a betting man/woman, I would guess that 99% of the forthcoming book is made up nonsense. Either way, the Kardashians stand to make a lot of money from it, as the public is enamored with anything this family does.