Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling Getting Close

Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling who are currently shooting a movie together in New York City were spotted getting close by the Hollywood rumor mill The New York Post. The couple is currently shooting the movie All Good Things and have been talked about for a little while as a possible couple.

Kirsten Dunst, who last year around this time broke it off with Johnny Borrell has been hitting the Hollywood single scene looking for love, or maybe it was just fun.

We’ll wait to see what the latest Hollywood couple might be up to.

Are Kirsten and Johnny Borrell Done?

Kirsten Dunst who has been dating rocker Johnny Borrell for a very short time where hot and heavy for that very short time. Now they might be done says the rumor mill of Hollywood and tabloid heaven Britain.

The two were very steamy as they traveled the globe but now reports a rumor spreader has told sources that

“Johnny has realized she’s not the one for him. He dumped her at the weekend and has gone back to his old girlfriend.”

Well that was quick. Maybe he was just starstruck that a dude that looks like he’s still in middle school would have a chance with Kirsten? Or maybe he’s just that smart that he knows he could have fun with one of Hollywood’s hotties for a month and go back to reality rather than deal with the relationship ruining tabloids.